The Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel Association's Directors meet four times a year to discuss all matters affecting the Association, from operational requirements, training, health and safety, statutory requirements, legal and financial matters etc.

The Association has a Chairman who is involved on a part time daily basis in running the Association's financial, legal and interface activities with the Operators, MCA and similar bodies, as directed by the Members.

Rescue Services

UK legislation requires that those companies who are responsible for the safety of their offshore installation workers (Duty Holders), make arrangements to secure a "good prospect of recovery and rescue" and transfer to a "place of safety" for those who may find themselves in the sea in all but exceptional weather conditions.
ERRVA members are contracted by duty holders to provide the rescue services that these laws demand. The ships and crews that undertake this work are specially equipped and trained to carry out marine rescue and recovery survivors from lifeboats, life rafts or directly from the sea.


Beyond the Call (DVD)

This DVD was produced to familiarise crews on a daily basis of the medical aid that they may have to administer in the event of an emergency offshore.